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Baking Sourdough Challah or Traditional Challah Bread - It's Magnificent!


Hello and welcome to the course, "Magnificent Challah!" Find out what is going to happen in the course and what to expect. It's so nice that you joined me!

A word about the Challah in this course.

Bake up this dessert Challah in one day. Start in the morning and serve it for dinner dessert!

This is the formula to printout and follow for making up the Toffee Chocolate Dessert Challah.

Let's mix up the dough for a super magnificent dessert Challah. This Challah is a yeasted bread and is filled with toffee candy and chocolate for a scrumptious showy dessert.

Bulk ferment is the first ferment after the dough is mixed. Bulk ferment your Challah dough in a warm place.

Let's prepare the filling for our dessert Challah. It's time to chop some candy bars and chocolate chips!

See how to fold dough and then finish up the bulk ferment for this lovely dough.

This is so much fun. Roll out the strands of the dessert Challah.

Let's roll up the strands with chopped up toffee and chocolate.

Watch how to braid a round Challah. It's fun and easy!

Make up your egg wash and then final proof your dough. Final proof is the time the dough raises just before baking.

Pre-heat your oven and bake your beautiful dessert Challah.

See the finished Toffee Chocolate dessert Challah and watch me slice it open... and sample it! Yum!

Access a link on Youtube for a fourteen day by day tutorial on making your own starter - see it! Also download a 32 page e-book called "Make Your Own Sourdough Starter," to help you make and care for ...

If you need to find out more about sourdough baking basics, there is a discount coupon in this lecture so you can take a beginning course which covers the basics.

This is the formula to make a 60% hydration motherdough pre-ferment. This is a downloadable resource.

In this lecture see how to make and feed a motherdough pre-ferment.

This is the formula for Sunrise Challah. There is also a printable pdf version of this formula available as a download.

Let's start by mixing our hybrid Challah dough using both a sourdough motherdough and some commercial yeast.

After the dough rests, let's finish our mixing.

I't time to bulk ferment the dough. Bulk ferment is the first ferment of the dough after mixing.

The Challah strands need a pre-shaping, not only for strength, but it makes it easier to form the final strands.

The top of this double decker Challah is a three strand braid. Let's make it!

Let's put the top and bottom Challah together and see our magnificent creation!

This Challah needs one more proof (final fermentation time) and an egg wash before baking.

It's time to bake our magnificent Double Decker Challah! Won't your family be amazed!

See the finished Double Decker Challah then watch me slice it... and eat some!

This is the formula for Soft Challah. It is an unusual way of making a Challah but it results in a soft, sweet Challah that family and friends will rave about.

This soft sourdough Challah uses scalded flour in the formula, see how to make the scalded flour in this lecture.

After the flour is scalded, add the rest of the wet ingredients.

Now that the wet ingredients are ready, let's make the dough!

It's time to bulk ferment and fold the dough for gluten development.

It's time to let the Challah raise for the last time before baking. Let's give it an egg wash first!

It's time to bake our lovely sourdough Challah!

See the finished loaf and watch me slice into it. Of course with Challah, you can also pull apart the warm pieces and eat it with fresh butter!

Watch as I roll out and braid a more narrow six stranded Challah. This is a variation of the more plump stranded Challah.

This is an additional formula for an overnight sourdough sponge Challah.

Meet professional baker Andrew Meltzer who will show you various ways to braid Challah.

Andrew starts off the class with an introduction (he made a whole wheat dough for the class because it was at a "Wheat" conference, but he doesn't like to use whole wheat for making Challah. He d ...

Andrew demonstrates how to braid with just two strands.

You can actually learn something new about how to braid a three stranded Challah.

It's amazing that there are so many ways to braid Challah! See two different ways to braid a four stranded Challah.

Andrew demonstrates how to braid with five strands using a rope and then dough.

See Andrew demonstrate how to do the traditional six stranded Challah braid.

This is a really beautiful round Challah shape. It is woven and then folded under itself.

See a six pointed star shaped Challah with 18 strands braided and assembled.

A seven stranded Challah is a bit unusual, see it demonstrated in this video.

Watch as Andrew assembles a layered Challah.

This lecture contains photos of the beautiful Challah baked by the women who tested the formulas for this course. I am deeply grateful to them for their labor of love and I wish to give them credit fo ...

Find discount coupons to my other sourdough baking courses on Udemy and other special offers in this bonus lecture. Also there are links to find me online.

In this lecture find easy access to all of the formulas and downloads of the course.

Thank you so much for joining me for this course, "Learn to Bake Magnificent Challah." I hope you've enjoyed baking fun new Challah's and found interesting ways to braid your next Challah. G ...

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