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Simple techniques for stunning cakes!


Dive into the basics of frosting: which frostings will work for these techniques, what the right consistency looks like, and how to colour and store your frosting.

Learn tips and tricks to use piping bags effectively

Learn to pipe beautiful flowers made with frosting and how to transfer them onto cakes for decoration

Learn how to choose the right piping tip for the size and shape you want to pipe and how to add colour, including metallics!

How to pipe a simple shape of a single colour using piped texture to create a silhouette

How to add gorgeous texture to a plain frosted cake using a variety of piping tips for different effects

How to create designs ranging from simple to intricate using piped dots

Use this piping technique to create any shape with an effect similar to lace. Learn two ways to outline your shape before piping.

How to pipe intricate images and how to transfer them onto cakes for smooth, detailed designs