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Roses can not only grow but thrive in Colorado and similar climates


Get to know your instructor Becky Sikowski of Little Seed Flower Farm in Johnstown, CO. 

In this module, Becky will walk you through different types of roses, how to pick what kind of rose to grow based on size, color and fragrance as well as selecting roses to match the climate of your Z ...

When to plant is critical to establishing the health of your new rose bushes.  But before you just throw them into the ground, you need to do one essential step to ensure survival in their new enviro ...

In this module, we'll demonstrate how to plant a bare root rose bush and why it is so important to soak the roots and for how long.  You will also learn how to prepare the soil and the hole you ...

Have you ever wondered what to cut and how deep you should go when pruning?  We'll teach you some simple techniques along with the three D's of pruning that will guide you throughout the pr ...

In this module you will see firsthand what happens when you don't plant your rose bush at the right depth!

When the season is over you will want to make sure you put your roses to bed properly. We'll also share a pro-tip about watering most people don't consider!

Now that your roses are planted, it's time to learn what steps are needed to get the maximum yield from your bushes.  We'll teach you how often you should fertilize and water along with wha ...

Congratulations for completing the course!  As a special thank you, we have some special offers we'd like to share along with some recommendations on where to buy your supply.

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