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An easily sustainable and balanced approach to the diabetic diet using a Registered Dietitian's proven techniques.


Find out who I am, what my credentials are, and why what I have to say can help you manage and reverse the effects of diabetes.  I am a Registered Dietitian who goes above and beyond to help my patie ...

Introduction to this course - a quick preview of all the valuable information we will go over. This will outline the course and let you know just exactly what you will learn.

What is Diabetes - Learn what diabetes is exactly.  What happens in the body that leads to high blood sugar levels.  What does Insulin do and why is it so important?  We will also discuss important ...

What Puts you at Risk for Type 2 diabetes - Learn the many risk factors that put you at higher risk for developing type 2 diabetes. 

Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes - Learn the signs and symptoms that you may have been dealing with that are caused by diabetes. 

Why is it Important to Control Diabetes? - We will go over the major complications that type 2 diabetes can lead to. You will learn how diabetes can lead to complications like blindness, kidney diseas ...

Controlling Diabetes Naturally - Learn the multi-faceted approach to controlling diabetes.  Controlling diabetes naturally involves healthy eating, exercise, stress management,and checking blood suga ...

Don't Buy into Fad Diets - Learn what NOT to do! Fad diets are everywhere! Learn why they are so harmful to the body and why they can make your blood sugar levels sky rocket! 

Secret to Eating with Diabetes - Learn the secret to eating with diabetes.  Learn about carbohydrates and how they effect your blood sugar and how all carbohydrates are not equal.  You will also be ...

Take Control of Your Carbs - Learn how to use your portion charts and how to take control of your carbohydrate intake for steady blood sugar. 

How to Read Food Labels- Learn how to read food labels PROPERLY! Learn to be wise when picking food products and learn how much a serving REALLY is.  You will learn how to avoid falling for common fo ...

A Bit About Dairy - Learn more about dairy, how it effects your blood sugar levels and how to choose the best dairy options.  You will also learn how to pick dairy substitutes.  

A Bit About Protein - Protein is an important part of the diet.  Learn how to make the best protein choices.  We will go over both animal and plant based proteins and how they fit into your balanced ...

The Good and Bad Fats - Not all fats are created equal.  You will learn the bad fats to avoid and why they can cause more health issues.  You will also learn about the  benefits of the good fats an ...

How to Balance Your Meals -  Learn how to create a balanced meal that will provide you with the most nutrients possible and help maintain steady blood sugar levels.  There are plenty of examples of ...

Easy Food Swaps - You will learn easy and flavorful food swaps that will promote blood sugar control as well as provide you with many other health benefits.  These small steps will lead to big change ...

How to Have Dessert with Diabetes - Learn how to incorporate dessert on those special occasions without  ending up with high blood sugar levels. You will learn how to have healthier options that will ...

The Power of Exercise for Blood Sugar - Learn exactly why exercise is so important for blood sugar levels alongside many other benefits.  Learn simple ways of adding in more physical activity into yo ...

Stress Management Solutions for Blood Sugar- You will learn how your blood sugar responds to stress. This section will go over how to manage both physical and mental stress. These tips and tricks will ...

Understanding the Powerful Effects Sleep has on Diabetes-  Sleep derivation alone can lead to type 2 diabetes.  Learn how this happens and ways you can ensure that you get a full night's sleep. ...

Understand Diabetes Medicine and Supplements: Is it Right for you? -  Learn the different classes of diabetes medications, how they work in the body and their side effects.  Learn about helpful natu ...

Your Customized Meal Plan! - Learn how all my Udemy students can receive a customized meal plan to help them achieve their health-related goals!  We will go over an example of a meal plan here and ho ...

Summary of this Course: Everything you learned! - Summary of all the information we went over and all the things you have learned throughout this course.  My contact information is available here so ...

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