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Learn to paint an easy going cherry blossom landscape using acrylic paint


For this course, you will need a canvas, a big flat brush, a fan brush, a liner brush, mixing plate, paper towel. The colors will be white, yellow, brown, blue, turquoise, red, and neon pink.

For this first step, with the big flat brush you will spread the turquoise at the top part of the canvas, mixing it with white to create the sky.

In the next step, with blue and brown mixed together, creating a dark blue and spread it on the bottom part of the canvas.

With a brown you will demarcate the sky from the bottom part, by making a curved to look like some mountains.

Turn the canvas around, to have more control over the branches that you will make with the liner brush. Mixing a brown with red, starting from the right side of the canvas, step by step you will learn ...

Starting with the fan brush, make a green and add some grass on the brown part of the canvas, on the ground. On the left side, leave a trail of brown, that will represent the shadow of the tree. You w ...

With turquoise and yellow, make an intense green, and continue to make the grass by adding this color. You will give the impression of perspective. With a darker green, make in the horizon, on the lef ...

With some red and blue, you will make some dark purple, apply it with the fan brush, rotating the brush, create the leaves on the trees. You will learn how to play with the color, light and texture.

In this step, you will go for more details on the leaves, by adding another layer of color. Also, you will make a carpet of leaves underneath the tree.

For this step, you will use the small liner brush, with some yellow, dark pink and white to make a beautiful orange. On the right side of the branches, you make some highlights. Add some more color( y ...

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