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Airbnb Tips & Tricks That Will Save You Money on Your Next Airbnb Stay by Negotiating Effectively with Your Airbnb Host


I briefly introduce myself and the course.

Learn how to sign up for Airbnb and receive $25 off your first stay!

Learn about the content of this course

An overview of the content of Section 1

Learn how to make a selection of the thousands of listings on Airbnb

Using the map functionality to narrow down the search results

Learn how to recognize great hosts.

Learn how to efficiently contact multiple hosts.

Learn the first step in negotiating with your host.

Learn how to make the booking on Airbnb.

Easy to copy-paste message templates that you can use to save time.

Overview of the content of Section 3.

Tips to make sure your check-in will be a smooth one.

Tips on how to make sure that you will get the most out of your stay.

Content overview of Section 4

Learn how to change or cancel your reservation and where you can find the conditions.

What to do when you are not happy about something during your stay.

How to request a refund if you're not happy.

Summary and conclusion of the course.

Learn how to get free travel credit on Airbnb.

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