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Creating the Perfect Petal in Alcohol Ink


Short Version: I have been exploring art again since June of 2018.  Before that I was a gym owner.  My exploration started with Acrylic painting which morphed into acrylic pouring and teaching class ...

Direct link to my Amazon Supply list.https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ is important to note that I have tried other airbrushes and they just don't work the same. ...

I show you the basic techniques that you will learn when taking this course. Your compressor should be set at 25psi or close to.  You need to use 91% alcohol any lower or higher percentage is not rec ...

Time Lapse video showing a flower being made at high speed.  Now that you have seen several of these done at a slower recording, you can pick up faster what I am doing to form these flowers.  I feel ...

In this video, you will find a couple of backgrounds I created to show you how you can use Duralar to create a different look.  Because the Duralar is transparent you can paint the background on one ...

In this video I paint two flowers.  I use a background that adds texture to the flowers.  I focus on painting 2 centers side by side at the end, explaining how I use a q-tip to paint them. 

This is a video of the creation of a sunflower.  I did the video for another class, but I hope you can it  :)

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