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How to create a Resin Geode or Agate Slice art piece on canvas. A Beginners Alcohol ink & Crystal Art Therapy.


Alcohol Ink and Resin Geode/Agate slice project on CanvasCreate some very easy and beautiful Geodes/Agate slices using Alcohol Ink and Resin. Remember that materials are optional so you can use what y ...

Alcohol Ink and Resin Geode/Agate slice project on CanvasCreate some very easy and beautiful Geodes/Agate slices using Alcohol Ink and Resin. Remember that materials are optional so you can use what y ...

It's fun to look at all the wonderful options that natural and man made geodes make. Take a look and get an idea of what you like before you begin your project.

If this is your first resin course with me, let's chat about the basics. I've used this lecture in other resin courses that you may have taken, so please re-watch if you need a refresher.

Let's begin with adding some pink by mixing your powered pigments with your alcohol inks for a beautiful iridescent shade.  See how your extender can help with making it easier to move.

Students will use Pinata Gold and see the gorgeous shine that it makes. See how to spread the inks and create a lacing effect.

Students will learn how to use a paint pen for more details and exact lines for your Geode slices. Creating rings and learn how the golds are different from your alcohol inks.

Students will do final touch ups and add gold glass glitter before adding the resin on top.

Loose or stretched canvas will make it difficult to create an even pour. In this lecture students will learn my little trick to quickly and easily tighten a *small canvas before using resin. *Please n ...

Students will mix and pour their Resin onto their canvas, learn to remove air bubbles and clean up the edges.

Adding crystals and rocks, glitter and other shiny bits to your geode agate pieces.

Students will create a silicon mold to use with resin.  In this lecture, we will talk about the materials you need and begin to create your own geo slice mold.

Let's use your newly made silicone mold once it has dried.  Learn to add color and textures to your geo.

Students will learn how to create some geo details using posca pens.

In this lecture, we will remove the geo from the form and clean up the edges.

Taking the final steps, learn how to frame up your geo.

Post your Projects below and Instagram or Facebook for a chance to be FEATURED on my youtube channel!You can Tag me on instagram or facebook!Now let's get started making your gorgeous Resin art u ...

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