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How to choose good wine. Short and sweet guide for beginners.


Welcome to the course! Be ready for an exciting 1-hour journey through the world of wine. Please download the presentation attached to this lecture. It has all the wine hacks and information we are di ...

You will find out why the Ancient Greeks mixed wine with water and that the era of wine from China is just around the corner.

You will learn how the fermentation process takes place and what it takes to make a great wine.

You will learn how to taste and describe wine correctly. We will learn 3 steps approach and 5 features in wine.

You will learn how to serve and store wine properly. Find out why you need a decanter and which glasses are worth buying. We also talk about the pairing of wine and food, do not forget to download the ...

You will learn the top 10 grape varieties of the world and how to choose sparkling wine and what port is.

You will find out what secret words and letters to look for on the labels of wines from France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Portugal and what wines should be chosen in the New World. Please download a chec ...

Let's sum up what we have learned and outline the next steps from theory to practice. Please don't forget to rate the course and leave a feedback. I really appreciate your reviews, that help ...

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