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For those who are interested to get this amazing talent to paint the surprise on audiences' faces


In this lecture I introduce myself and explain how I will teach this course step by step

This lecture is about balloon sizes and which brands and sizes we are going to use during this course

In this lecture I will teach you two ways to cut balloons from the beginning like it's first time to hold balloon

This lecture is about types of twists and what the purpose of each one and we will use these twists while we are making any sculpture

this lecture will help you to cut balloon use three techniques and maybe you use more than one technique in one sculpture

In this lecture we are going to learn how to make amazing sword which make boys have lots of fun.

Many many adults asked me to make hats for them during different occasions so this is good for anyone 

Romantic heart also is suitable for both of children and adults 

This gun is amazing for kids specially in events to play together and take photos

In this course I will teach you my simple and effective way to make your customer list and start to target them very simply

These advises I think it will be very useful for you cause it's very simple but effective to make you keep your name in market

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