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Dig a little deeper in learning how to amend your soil


Welcome to SHE GROWS!  Get to know your instructor Gina Schley and what you will learn from this course.

Your soil is like one big solar panel.  When you understand that basic fundamental you will learn how to capture the sun and turn it into anything you want to grow.

Testing your soil is quick and easy, doesn't cost very much and might be the single most important key to the thriving garden or farm you have always wanted.

Getting your first soil report back can be intimidating but we will walk you through step by step what everything means and how to develop a soil health plan at the same time.

Cation (pronounced Cat-Eye-On) Exchange Capacity might sound very technical but it is key indicator from your soil report that will guide you to bringing balance back to you soil.

Starting a garden does not have to be an expensive endeavor but depending on the size of your field you might need some heavy equipment. In this module we also offer some pro tips on how you can save ...

If you're starting a piece of land from scratch, then you will have to utilize this three step process to get your soil ready for planting.

There is a lot to keep track of when it comes to amendments but we'll teach you the 4 R's that will help guide you throughout the amending process.

This calculator made a huge difference for my farm and I hope it will do the same for you!  I'll walk you through step-by-step how to take the data from your soil report and plug them in to the ...

So you've built your bed and planted but your work isn't finished.  You need to foliar feed on a regular basis with a good compost tea if you want to get high yields and healthy plants.