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Healing, Cosmology, & Ancient History of the KEMET Civilisation


This introductory presentation introduces the course introduction, table of contents, preface, learning objectives, and a brief bibliographic description of author and presenter Dr. Gamal Paez.

In this first chapter or Lesson # 1, the student will learn the basic principles and concepts of "energy" and the energy system of the chakras, the aura (energy field), together with the concept of "e ...

In this lesson # 2, the student will learn the basic concepts of the elements of the soul according to the traditional philosophy of Ancient Egypt, and its importance in the concept of healing and spi ...

In the present chapter of “life after death”, it will be explained the basic principles and steps of mummification and their importance in the continuity of the soul after the process of death and ...

In this lesson # 4, the student will learn the basic history for understanding magic and healing in Ancient Egypt. The principles of the priesthood, the types of priests and their important role in ri ...

In this learning chapter the student will be able to learn the basic theory of the related history of the Egyptian dynasties and their main events during all that timeframe. The student will also have ...

This section will present in detail the history of the main Ancient Egyptian Gods including the OSIRIS-ISIS-HORUS triad and its importance in Ancient Egyptian cosmology. In the same way, the importanc ...

This lesson explains in an introductory way the historical context of Ancient Egyptian writing also known as the hieroglyphs writing, as well as its importance in the historical transmission of ancien ...

In this learning chapter the student will have the opportunity to understand the EGYPTIAN REIKI healing system and its direct effect over the energy field, and as well comprehend the legal implication ...

This lesson # 9 will allow you to become an Egyptian Reiki practitioner and channeller. Here you will read step by step the initiation process in order to understand and integrate the activation of th ...

This is a guided visualisation meditation that will allow the student to connect with the energy of the EGYPTIAN REIKI and in this way be a practitioner of this ancient healing system.

In this new chapter you will learn everything related to healing with the EGYPTIAN REIKI. The different ways of healing will be taught including: the SELF-HEALING process with the EGYPTIAN REIKI; the ...

In this short learning chapter, the student will get to know the "EGYPTIAN REIKI philosophy prayer", which is a type of "prayer" that will allow to get closer to the true meaning of what it is to be a ...

In this learning chapter # 12, you will find some recommendations to take into account to start your path as a healer and the use of EGYPTIAN REIKI for the healing of oneself and others.

In this last chapter of learning, the last recommendations will be given and some basic concepts of the course will be briefly described. Suggestions for the next steps to follow in learning ancestral ...

During this meditation the participant will be able to open all CHAKRAS with the EGYPTIAN REIKI energy which is being channelled from the UNIVERSAL SOURCE of all life force energy, assisting in the na ...

During this meditation, the student will be able tu practice the EGYPTIAN REIKI healing energy with the experiencing of a self-healing CHAKRA balancing meditation, in which the chakras are opened for ...

During this meditation, the student will be able to open the HEART CHAKRA with the EGYPTIAN REIKI healing energy, and connect its centre with the centre of all universal life force energy and the cent ...

This meditation provides the step by step of how to use the EGYPTIAN REIKI for creating an "energetic protective shield" around the "aura" by helping the individual to raise the vibration and bringing ...

In this section the student will learn the steps and requirements to acquire the respective certification as an ANCIENT EGYPTIAN HEALING PRACTITIONER provided by Dr. Gamal Paez, in which the student w ...

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