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This course is the closest you will get to having a private therapy session with me that will rid anger from your life


What to expect by engaging fully in this progam by the end

Experience how the mind and body are connected

About EFT ( Emotional Freedom Technique ) and why you should learn how to apply this easy to learn technique

Learn the EFT Tapping points and where they are located

Learn what energy meridians and major organs in the body the EFT points are connected to.

Downloadable PDF of photos showing where all the EFT points are

A quick recap of where all the EFT points are and what meridians and organs they affect

What is the setup phrase and why it is such an important part of what you are learning

What is the reminder phrase and why it is such an important part of what you are learning

Downloadable pdf you can chart your progress on while doing the breathing exercise

The breathing exercise will teach you how powerful this simple technique is by having you experience a physical change in your volume of breath your lungs can use just by doing EFT

A list of secret tips that will improve your results with EFT

Downloadable list of secret tips that will improve your results with EFT

A disclaimer that offers advice that you should always follow the advice of a medical professional before making a change to medication because you have started to use EFT , as EFT works well with a ...

Downloadable pdf list where you can chart your progress while applying EFT to eliminate anger

What is anger and how to measure its effect on you in a recent event

Working with the SUDS number of anger that came to mind while thinking about a recent time you felt angry

What color and shape have you connected to that recent anger experience, when you think of a color and shape connected to that anger you move that physical emotional reaction to something visual and ...

Using color and shape in the past tense because language can be very powerful when applying EFT as it keeps you focused , however by using a past tense phrase offer the element of a past even an eve ...

Downloadable list where you can chart you progress while doing the mopping up section

Mopping up any remaining fragments of emotional charge connected to what you have been using EFT on

Mopping up any remaining number of feeling connected to what you have been using EFT on

Mopping up with EFT as you focus on being okay now and if you still have any remaining emotional charge connected to what you have been using EFT on you can go back over this or any of the other ses ...

Downloadable pdf offering instructions for using this hypnosis recording for eliminating anger and getting the best results

This recording will help tune you into the changes and results you have achieved while engaging in the whole program

Downloadable pdf list that you will be able to chart your results each day for 30 days

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