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Open your psychic channels for telepathic communication with animals


Hello and welcome to this course on animal communication for beginners!The two-person team taking you through this course is Zoe Henderson, a professional animal communicator and energy healer, as wel ...

What’s the difference between a human and an animal?"Thinkers have long pondered what separates man from animals, This has been long studied and a long list of qualities that are supposedly specifi ...

This course is all about communication but how does this communication take place? First off, animal communication is a completely natural skill. You were born with the ability to intuitively communic ...

It's time to prepare you for communication. In this video, you will get a brief introduction to the six simple steps we go through to establish a telepathic connection with an animal. As well, yo ...

THE IMPORTANCE OF CLEARING YOURSELFThe first step in engaging in communication with an animal is self-clearing.The best way to clear your head and quiet your minds is meditation, or going out into nat ...

This step is about generating a feeling of deep love for the animal and connecting from your heart to their heart.  Surround your animal and yourself in a white clear bubble of love and protection, s ...

Animal communicator Zoe Henderson guides you through a meditation that will help you see the world through an animal's eyes, to feel and sense what an animal feels and senses.

In this video, animal communicator Zoe Henderson has a telepathic chat with some of the racehorses in a local stable yard.

In this video, animal communicator Zoe Henderson has a telepathic chat with some of the racehorses in a local stable yard.

In this video, beginner animal communicator Tamara attempts a telepathic connection with a very sweet horse named Jo Jo at a local stables.

In this video, Tamara, Zoe and their friend Alex visit a local stables to communicate with the horses and the dogs who live there.

In this video, Tamara and Zoe attempt telepathic communication with two cats, Phoebe and Chop Chop, with the help of their human 'mum' Alex.

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