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Intermediate level telepathic animal communication made easy.


I have added this video as a chance for you to get to know me better and understand my reasons for making my animal communication courses.

Is this course for you? What do you hope to get out of it? I give my reasons why you might enjoy this course and how you and your animals will benefit from it.

Reading these notes before continuing with the course will make the course flow more smoothly for you because you will understand why certain phrases are used and how I have presented the course.

This is a guide on how and why you should join the private Facebook group that I created to go with this course, the main reason being, to allow you to practice what you have learnt.

You already know the process for communicating with animals, this lesson gives you advice and guidance to make that process easier for you.

In this lesson I explain why communicating with your own animals can be difficult and I give you some tips to help deepen your relationship with them and explain the importance of practicing your skil ...

Animal communication can be taxing both emotionally and physically, this lesson teaches you how to take care of yourself by learning how to properly ground and clear your own energy.

This lesson teaches you how our own perceptions and intentions can negatively affect our communication session, follow the tips here and learn to make sure you are aware of how you feel mentally befor ...

This lesson is an easy exercise that you can do at any time to bring attention to any pain or tension you have in your body, which is important when connecting telepathically and will also help you st ...

In this lesson I tell you of my own personal experience with sceptics to better prepare you for performing sessions for other people. 

This is not a complete how to process but I do take you through a summerized process that I use as a professional communicator when communicating with animals telepathically in person.

The intention of this lesson is to bring your awareness to the fact that communications are no always straight forward and sometimes animals use symbolism during a communication session.

Communicating with wild animals, Zoo animals or animals with no owner is the same process as with domesticated animals but this lesson takes you through how to conduct a communication with them safely ...

Animals rely heavily on routine and take comfort in knowing if any changes will be made to their lives ahead of time. Keeping your animals informed as I discuss in this lesson helps you avoid potentia ...

The thoughts and beliefs we have about animals can affect them negatively because thoughts and words hold a powerful energy. This lesson brings your awareness to how to view certain animals, how you r ...

This lesson takes a look at how animal's behaviour issues can be misunderstood, I provide case studies of two different behaviour cases I worked on as a professional and I guide you through how t ...

This lesson highlights how important it is to be open and honest with animals and to make sure that the telepathic messages we send match our intentions and are positive in tone.

Animals being so unconditionally loving and sensitive to energy and their desire to help the people they love the most can cause them to mirror their people, I explain in this lesson what mirroring is ...

This lesson covers the different jobs animals can have and how you can go about assigning a new job to an animal, giving an animal a job to do can be extremely important to their physcial and mental h ...

This lessons explains how you can use animal communication to help you if your animal is suffering an illness or injury, I also detail when it is not acceptable to use it.

The purpose of this lesson is to draw attention to why the health of some animals continues to fail even after energy therapy and animal communication sessions.

My biggest hope for this lesson is for you to know that the death of our animals is not the end and to encouarge you to communicate with them before and after their pasing to help ease your suffering.

My intention with lesson is to encourage you to communicate with your animal in spirit, the process is the same as communicating with a living animal and knowing that you can still connect with your a ...

In this lesson I give my personal experiences of reincarnation with two different case studies. I discuss the forms that animals can chose to come back as and why they might choose to do so.

If you hope to be a great communicator you have to understand that communicating with animals can be like a therapy session, this lesson explains the importance of accepting animals to be emotional be ...

Working with rescue animals can be very challenging. This lesson is intented to help you use animal communication to help rescue animals who have suffered abuse and trauma and to make you aware of how ...

I offer this lesson to you in the hopes of making you aware of any preconceived ideas you might have about particular animals and to encourage you to see animals for the beings they are inside and not ...

This lesson introduces you to using animal communication to find lost animals, with questions you can ask to help you pinpoint where the animal might be.

I haved added some points here that do not necessarily fit into any of the lessons for the course but are still worthy of special consideration.

Congratulations on finishing the course! This lesson is just to give you some final pieces of advice for your journey into animal communication.

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