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Learn how to use Reiki energy to help animals


This lecture will help you understand how to successfully work through this course.

This activity will have you reflect on your goals with this course and have you explore the components of the course to ensure you will be able to work through it successfully.

This lecture provides an overview of what Reiki energy is.

How Reiki can benefit animals is explained in this lecture.

This lecture explores the history of Reiki.

This lecture explains what a Reiki attunement is as well as how you can request your attunements.

This lecture shows you how you can perform Reiki on yourself to assist in your own balancing and personal growth.

In this lecture you will learn about the Reiki symbols and how you can use them when performing Reiki sessions.

This meditation will guide you as you create a mental space where you can perform distance Reiki as well as access your intuition for increased clarity and communication.

This lecture will explore various ways to perform Reiki from a distance.

This learning activity will have you review your understanding of Reiki as well as highlight the ways you would like it to help you and the animals you would like to work with.

This lecture explores chakras and their associated qualities in animals.

This meditation will guide you when you would like to establish non-verbal communication with an animal to access information.

This lecture will provide the steps you will want to take when starting an animal Reiki session as well as provide you with handouts you may wish to use with clients.

This lecture will explain how you will perform a Reiki session with an animal.

This lecture will show you how you will end a Reiki session with an animal.

This lecture will expand on performing Reiki with dogs.

This lecture will expand on performing Reiki with cats.

This lecture will expand on performing Reiki with birds.

This lecture will expand on performing Reiki with horses.

This lecture will expand on performing Reiki with smaller animals such as rabbits, mice, reptiles and fish..

This lecture will expand on performing Reiki with farm animals.

This lecture will expand on performing Reiki with wildlife.

This learning activity will have you list the animals you would like to perform Reiki with and have you complete a case study for each session.

This lecture will explore some factors to consider regarding the relationship between an animal and the guardian.

This lecture will discuss the important of working with the animal's veterinarian.

This lecture will expand on performing Reiki in shelters, rescue facilities and sanctuaries.

This lecture will expand on performing Reiki with dying animals.

This lecture will give you some helpful tips as you move forward with your animal Reiki practice.

These activities will help you move forward if you plan on starting your own animal Reiki practice.

Here is how you will request your traditional Animal Reiki Certificate.

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