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Learn how to draw characters in Anime Style!


Welcome to this course!Here are a few points to note before you start

We will first start with the eye of a female.

Now we will draw the male eye. Similar steps to the female eye with very little difference.

Finally, we will draw closed eyes both upwards and downwards.The closed upwards eye is used to indicate smiling.The closed downwards eye is used for a sleeping character or one deeply in thought.

 We will learn how to draw the very simple nose, in addition to the smiling and laughing mouth.

Now we will learn how to draw the face. We will start by drawing the symmetric front view for a girl.

And here is the front view for a guy.

We will go back to the earlier-drawn girl face and add hair to it.

Similarly, we will draw the guy's hair.

Here we will learn how to draw the face from a different angle, the three-quarter or 3/4 view. We will draw both the girl and guy in this view.

The last thing to learn in this section is the side view. It might look hard and intimidating at first, yet it's much simpler to draw than it seems!

Before learning how to draw the hands, it is important to pay attention to several points concerning the anatomy of the hand. By keeping these in your mind, drawing hands will become easier to underst ...

Now we will learn how to draw the hand by applying the points we have discussed in the previous lecture.

In this lecture we will draw a variety of hand poses.

Drawing feet is much simpler than hands. We are going to learn here how to draw the most useful and frequent feet poses.

We are going to learn how to draw the female body by making use of simple shapes. In the following lecture we will cover four different views: Front view, 3/4 view, side view, and lastly, back view.

We will draw the male body in a similar approach. The following lecture also explains the four different views: Front view, 3/4, side, and back view.

Since the characters we will draw will definitely not be standing stiffly, we need to practice drawing poses. The pose of the character plays an important role in conveying the personality and mood. ...

DesignDoll is one of the best tools that help the artist in getting a precise reference for the pose in their mind. With this software you can make any pose you want by controlling the doll (or multip ...

Clothing and fashion come in many variations, especially for girls. Girls wear different kinds of tops and bottoms as well as dresses, and much more. We will go over some of common fashion items here. ...

Next is some bottoms; skirts and pants!

Finally, dresses! Many girls like wearing dresses, don't they?

We're going to draw four different looks for the guy as well!Let's start with tops again.

And to conclude this section, we will learn how to draw shoes; flat and high-heels!

Learning how to draw facial expressions is of great importance as they are what helps convey the characters emotions, especially when it comes to drawing comics and manga. In this lecture, we will ...

Hairstyle is of the most important factors of a character design. You may have noticed that most anime (or manga) characters maintain the same hairstyle throughout the series, or do very slight change ...

You can play around with a male's hairstyle as well, but with less freedom than that of a female, since most males have a short hair. We are going to draw some different hairstyles for the guy. ...

Chibis or little characters are a lovely version that makes the characters look cuter, since we draw them in an extremely unrealistic small size that resembles that of a toddler. But in the end, when ...

As I have previously mentioned, we as artists are always in need to observe the world around us, or any thing that helps us draw better and more realistically. Which is why using references when drawi ...

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