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Get started with your own independent analysis


Lecture 1 will familiarize you with basic principles and things you need to know to get started - and you'll get a first brief tour across a chart and its elements. All together it will be brief ...

This guideline on the interpretation of the astrological star signs provides you with the basics for interpretation and for the influence of the signs  and their interrelation with the various planet ...

This guideline on the interpretation of the planets is about the interpretation and meanings, but also shows the signs in which the planets dominate, are exiled, in a favorable or unfavorable position ...

In order to understand in which life field the influences of signs and planets play out we need to understand the astrological "houses".Watch the course video for in-depth explanation.

Our next step is to combine what we've learnt so far - and relate the qualities of planets, signs and houses to each other and draw clues from the meaning of these links.Special attention also to ...

Elements, qualities and polarities determine a basic feel of the entire chart, something like a typology if you will.

This section gets you started with a generic setup as recommended for an in-depth interpretation session for a chart - and then walk you through the actual interpretation process step by step.

This is a brief section with a few useful resources for mobile Astrology - apps to use on the go or to quickly check. Most of them are free. In addition, there will be links to free resources on termi ...

Contemplate about possible future learning options, depending on your field of interest.Optional: You are invited to join a Facebook-Group of Alumni of this course, founded with the first release of ...

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