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Italian cooking


What does this course teach? What are the motivations that brought me here? A short presentation to get to know each other better.Cosa insegna questo corso? Quali sono le motivazioni che mi hanno port ...

Fresh homemade pasta, starting with flour and water, you will learn how to prepare the typical spaghetti that is the foundation for countless recipes in Italy.La pasta fresca fatta in casa, partendo d ...

The fragrance of Southern Italy in the traditional tomato sauce, prepared with a base of fresh tomatoes, oil and basil. Simplicity meets taste.Il profume del Sud Italia nel sugo tradizionale di pomodo ...

The tradition of Puglia in soft and tasty bread balls, try not to eat them as soon as they are made!La tradizione della Puglia nelle polpette di pane morbide e saporite, provate a non assaggiarle appe ...

And finally, we bring our guests to the table by composing the dishes in the right way. Simple and traditional. Enjoy!E, per finire, mattiamo a tavola i nostri ospiti componendo i piatti nel modo corr ...

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