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Learn How to AWAKEN your pineal gland, trust yourself and heal from life's pitfalls.


In video lesson 1 we start with your Energy Signature.

In video 2 we focus on your 3 Sacred Centers.

In video 3 we stimulate and awaken your Pineal Gland!

Ascension breathing is a wonderful way to realign yourself to your inner world or internal body. Use this technique before you start any meditation to help get your sensations flowing and become more ...

Follow my as I make a portable Sacred Space background. I personally use this all over the house and its worked great as a gentile reminder to sit and meditate, say a prayer or do my mindfulness pract ...

My personal tour and tips for creating a sacred space.

I love clearing space with sining bowls. In this video I'll show you the correct way to make one ring.

Hi everyone, in this video I show you a simple 5 card spread using an oracle deck. You can do this with any tarot card set, oracle card set or otherwise. I use it to help find guidance or wisdom when ...

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