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A-Z video instructions to become a trained barista. Learn how to make great tasting espresso coffee.


Servicing and maintenance of coffee making equipment for coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, offices and even mobile trailers is my business.Making and serving great tasting coffee to your coffee lover ...

Ideally you need a plumbed in regular water supply of a minimum 2 Bar and use a pressure regulating valve to control water pressure to a maximum of 4 Bar.When ordering your machine, state the voltage ...

Your machine should be positioned on a secure base at a convenient height preferably away from a draught or direct cold air blast and connected to a convenient electrical connection, a regular water s ...

There's nothing tastier for your coffee lovers' experience than using freshly ground beans. It's well worth investing in a decent coffee grinder.

Use YO's checklist during the shift to make your daily routine a habit.If you observe any of these issues, then contact your coffee technician for assistance.

There are no excuses for having a dirty coffee maker. The cleaning process is simple and should be done throughout the shift. Regular maintenance will extend the life span of your coffee equipment and ...

Making really great tasting coffee requires 4 essential ingredients, which are ...* clean soft / sweet water - not brackish* fresh roasted beans* a good coffee grinder for FRESHLY ground coffee; and* ...

Keep the milk refrigerated, preferably located close to your coffee machine.Note: NEVER refroth hot milk that has already been frothed. You may add COLD milk (maximum 4 degrees C) to left over milk in ...

The way you serve your coffee is important. It must be professional, courteous, fast and well presented, according to the serving style required for each specific drink, a spoon packaged sugar, milk, ...

Spend a little extra effort. Serve a 'designer' coffee that is sure to put a smile on your coffee lover's face. Practice makes perfect!Competition is fierce, latte art will make you dif ...

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