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The Basic Fundamentals of Home Electrical Wiring, with Wiring Diagrams and Detailed Examples.


This course provides a detailed explanation of home electrical wiring which consists of detailed photos that are taken on location during several phases of home construction, and then the specific ele ...

How to locate and turn off the main circuit breaker, emphasizing that work shouldn’t be done on energized wiring, and work should not be done in an electrical panel.When working on electrical wiring ...

Electricity to the Home:Overhead Service:From a pole mounted transformer to the home electric service riser.Underground Service:From a pad mounted transformer to the home electric service panel. All t ...

Home Electrical Circuit LoadsKitchen Appliances and OutletsLightingOutlets #1Outlets #2Ohms Law CalculationsWorking with Known ValuesE - WattsI - AmpsR - OhmsOHMs Law circuit calculations

Tools for Electrical WiringHand and Pouch ToolsMulti Purpose ToolsPower ToolsSpecial ToolsJob Specific ToolsHomeowner Tools

Above all, testers are the most important tools to have.Overview:Detect the presence of electricity to prevent accidental shock.Help to troubleshoot and repair electrical faults and component failures ...

Exterior ViewThe 120/240 Volt ServiceMAIN SERVICE PANELInterior OverviewThe Main Service MeterThe Panel Circuit BusEarth Ground to NeutralEarth Ground ComponentsThe Main Breaker DisconnectFuse Type Pa ...

120/240 Volt Circuit BreakersBrands, Types and StylesSingle Pole, Double PoleTandem and QuadInstalling a BreakerMulti-Wire CircuitsAFCI and GFCI Breakers

Home Electrical Wire#14#12#10Old Electrical WireKnob and Tube WiringWire Connectors

Basic Wiring MethodsConnecting Wires to Terminal ScrewsUsing Wire StrippersMaking a SpliceMake Ground Wire Pigtail

Plan the ProjectThe Project BeginsInstalling the WiringMake the Circuit ConnectionsInstall the Structured MediaInstall the Main Panel Ready for the First InspectionInstall the Electrical DevicesInstal ...

Receptacle Outlets, with Wiring Diagrams and by Example.15 and 20 Amp OutletsOne Cable, End of CircuitPush In Wire ConnectionScrew Terminal Wire ConnectionSeries Wired OutletsParallel Wired OutletsDou ...

How to Wire Switches, with Wiring Diagrams and by Example.Single Switches3 Way Switches4 Way SwitchesDimmer Switches

Wiring Light Fixtures by Example:Install an Outdoor LightWiring a Motion DetectorWiring a Ceiling Light Fixture

Installing Ceiling Fans by ExampleCeiling Fan Wiring Diagram #1Ceiling Fan Wiring Diagram #2Installing a Ceiling Fan and Light KitInstalling a Ceiling Fan Remote Control Unit

Protecting the Electrical System and Home DevicesThe Power Surge DeviceProtect the home against harmful power surges that can cause damage to electrical wiring system components and connected electron ...

Updating Electrical Devices  and the Home Electrical SystemHow to Identify Outdated Wiring Circuits and DevicesSwitches and OutletsIncorrect Wiring MethodsIllegal Wiring MethodsImprovements and Essen ...

Additional resources to help you learn more about home electrical wiring:ask-the-electrician.comhome-elect

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