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Crash Course: Study, design and build your own aquaponics system, farm or garden, grow plants and fish together!


Lecture 1 gives an introduction on aquaponics, its process and what crops can be grown in it.

The lecture describes how to balance an aquaponic system, testing of water, how to buffer an aquaponic system and the process of cycling

This lecture describes the role of biofilter in aquaponics, components of an aquaponic system and different parameters of water that affect the functioning of an aquaponic system.

The lecture describes how to select site, protected shelter and design fish tanks for an aquaponic farm.

The lectures provides fundamentals behind filtration and process flow.

The lecture describes how to design media bed system, explains flood and drain cycle, and functioning of an auto-siphon irrigation control system.

The lecture provides information on design of deep water culture system, nutrient film technique, establishing a plant nursery and supplements.

This lecture discusses best practices to smoothly operate aquaponic system, what can go wrong while operating an aquaponics system and how to solve different kind of problems.

This lecture discusses how to feed and what to feed and best practices in feed management

This lecture discusses the process of mineralization and how it contributes to the growth of plants.

Part 1 of the lecture explains the how to select and size fish tank, pumps, aerators and filter system

Part 2 of the lecture explains process flow of water and raft section of the aquaponic system

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