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Learn how to create beautiful beach art pieces


Introduction to the Beach Resin for Beginners course, what you can expect as well as a few tips about resin and the course.Link to supply list: https://bit.ly/BeachResinSupplyPDF

An overview of all the supplies used in working with resin and creating the piece in the course.  To have a downloadable Supply list  PDF that includes links letting you know where to get every thin ...

Prepping your wood panel before pouring any resin.  The first part of the prep will make it SO much easier to remove the drips once your piece is finished and cured!  By painting the piece with the ...

It's easy to figure out how much resin you will need for your project when you use the Mas Epoxy Resin calculator!

Tips and Tricks for mixing your resin.  This is something that needs to be done carefully to ensure that it cures properly!

Adding the first resin layer and shells to the wood panel

An easy tip to tell when its' safe to add the next layer of resin and when it's just too soon!

Adding the first Resin wave to your piece.  This one is done over the first layer of resin just about down to the edge of the white from the first resin layer.  This wave and subsequent wave layers ...

Adding the Second wave to the piece.

Adding the Third and final wave.

Using this method to remove all the resin drips that have accumulated on the bottom of the wood panel is easy and SUPER satisfying!  The alternative is sanding...

Add a hanger to the back of your piece to be able to hang it on a wall.  Not necessary if you just intend to place it on a mantle or shelf.

After trying many different ways to clean the cured resin out of the silicone cups.  This is the best and easiest way I've found!

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