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Complete beginner to proficient chess player


Before we learn how the pieces move, we'll meet all 64 squares on the chess board.   

You will learn how the bishop moves and the value of this piece too. 

You will learn how the rook moves and the value of this piece too. 

You will learn how the queen moves and the value of this piece too. 

You will learn how the knight moves and the value of this piece too. 

You will learn how the pawn moves and the value of this piece too. 

You will learn how the king moves and the value of this piece too. 

You will learn two special moves in chess: 1) Castling  and 2) En passant

You will learn what 'check' and 'double check' are.  Check is when the king is being attacked.

You will learn what 'checkmate' is.  Checkmate is when the king cannot escape check on the next turn.  Therefore, the game ends. 

You will learn how to set up the chess board. 

What to do at the beginning of the game (the opening)

You will learn basic tactics in chess.  They are the “fork”, “absolute pin”, “relative pin”, “skewer”, and “discovery”.

You will learn how to do basic checkmates in this section.

You will know how to think before each move. 

I enclosed a document with more winning tips to win.  I also attached a document for more additional resources, including how to play in tournaments, and more.    The bonus video is me playing aga ...

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