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5 Things You Need to Know About Animal Reiki Today


In this section I'll talk about what you can hope to gain from this course. You'll also receive the special companion e-book, Beginner's Guide to Animal Reiki, which will help you foll ...

In this section, I'll give a brief overview of topics covered in the course and lead you in a Reiki meditation to help get you started!

In this section, I'll share how all of the practices of Reiki support compassion. I'll also talk about the ways animals can support and deepen our meditation practice, and how heart to hea ...

In this section, I'll discuss how to handle the intuitive information that may come through during an animal Reiki session. I'll also give you tips on how to keep a positive state of mind, ...

This section will discuss the importance of allowing animals to initiate any hands-on contact during Reiki sessions. I'll also give you some tips to help you avoid the trap of limiting yourself ...

This section will give you some things to contemplate to help you cultivate the power of open-hearted presence.

This lesson will suggest simple ways to cultivate compassion each and every day!

This lesson will walk you through the steps to remember when sharing a Reiki session with an animal.