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Draw, Paint & Learn Three Beautiful Watercolor Cityscape Painting - For Beginner to Semi Advance Students


Watercolor drawing lecture:In this watercolor lecture you will learn how to paint watercolor clock tower city street. Choosing the right subject for your watercolor art is highly important and finding ...

How to work with watercolor first wash:In this watercolor lecture you will learn how to paint watercolor first wash which is highly important to begin your watercolor artwork. This lecture will addres ...

How to paint watercolor first wash:In this lecture you will learn some effective watercolor techniques to paint your first wash which will laid the foundation of your watercolor artwork. You will see ...

Watercolor layer process:This lecture will guide you how to go further with your watercolor artwork, once your first wash get's dry you can begin to work  further layer of this watercolor painti ...

The final touchThis lecture will help you to understand how to finish your watercolor artwork doing some end touchup. Most importantly every watercolor beginners should know when to stop working in hi ...

Watercolor Drawing:Choosing watercolor subject is some time tedious task and most of the watercolor beginners struggles around this. In this watercolor lecture class you will be learning how to chose ...

First watercolor wash technique:This lecture will teach you how to watercolor wash from beginning. First watercolor wash technique is highly critical because this the point where you will be laying pe ...

How to watercolor in second layerAfter the first watercolor wash, you need to let your painting dry completely before beginning second layer. Second layer is very important process to get your desired ...

This lecture is continuity of previous lecture, second layer is almost takes 90% of your entire watercolor painting process. Second layer is highly important for any watercolor students to give lot of ...

In this lecture you will see final outcome of this cityscape painting. This is the moment when any aspire watercolor student see his/her watercolor art creation, this is the special moment for any cre ...

In any form of visual art, very first skill you need to develop is "how to sketch". Sketching is highly important to make your subject more align and compose. Sketching will gives you complete underst ...

Watercolor drawings is very first step to start doing your watercolor painting. In this lecture, you will learn how to draw your painting subject with easy techniques. But before that, let's unde ...

Basic watercolor fundamental begins with your first wash of your painting, this will establish a personality of your watercolor artwork. You will be learning how to paint watercolor first wash using s ...

In this watercolor lesson you will learn how to paint with watercolor in layers. Working with layers in watercolor is joyful process to make your watercolor artwork, layers gives you more control and ...

This watercolour lecture is continue process of second layering. Second layer is almost taking 90% of your entire painting process and most of the outcome reflects in this layer.

This is the moment when you will be thrilled to see your final outcome of this watercolor painting. You will understand complete personality of your watercolor artwork for e.g it's harmony, balan ...

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