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Guided instruction of Basic Watercolor Techniques and Painting a Realistic Dog.


In this video I go through the supplies necessary for the course.  A Supplies List as well as the Photograph of the Dog and Written Instructions for most of the watercolor techniques are also availab ...

In this section I show you how to get set up to begin a painting.  Then we get started on some beginning techniques like Flat Washes and Graded Washes, as well as a quick lesson on how to create your ...

In this section we continue with the beginning techniques, creating a segmented value chart on our first flat wash rectangle.We wil explore Lifting, Glazing and Analogous Colors.

In this section I show you my favorite technique as well as the technique I use most often.I call it the Quick Graded Wash.  Watch and follow along as I paint a make believe branch, demonstrating how ...

In this lecture I explain the element of art VALUE.  Or as I like to say, the key to all good paintings-Value!  I define and explain the concept of Values and then we use our understanding of this c ...

Here we will finally get started on our dog painting, but first!! we must make a Value Chart that refers specifically to our dog.  Since you only get one chance with watercolors, you need to figure o ...

Finally!!!  Yes, you get to start into your painting, but at this point, you should be all set to have a really fun and successful experience painting this dog.  You have the option to paint your ow ...

Next step in the painting process!!  After we painted the Value 1's and 2's everywhere in the painting, we now layer with our Value 3's and 4's.  Here's where you will find ...

This is a super fun section of the class because when you paint the Features of the Face, the dog will come alive!  Follow along as I work on the eyes, nose and mouth and see what you come up with.  ...

Here we wrap up our Dog Painting by doing some final details on the dog including the collar, tag and background values if you choose.  I ended up painting the background a little dark which I regret ...

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