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Every thing you need to know about birding and bird watching in the United States


An introduction to this course

A brief description of what to expect from this course

We spend a few minutes explaining where the data for this course came from

In this lecture we discuss the very important concepts of checklists and hotspots

We explain the future of this course

We're going to get started using all this fascinating birding information. We start with demonstrating how to navigate around the various visuals to find the birding data you're looking for.

We continue our discussion of all the fascinating birding information contained in this course. In this lecture we show how to find the best birding spots in national parks, state parks, national wild ...

We wrap up this section by showing you how to find all species, or a single species, in a selected state, for a given month or all months.

Bird watching in Alabama

Bird watching in Alaska

Bird watching in Arkansas

Bird watching in Arizona

Bird watching in California

Bird watching in Florida

Bird watching in Ohio

Bird watching in Oregon

Bird watching in New York

Bird watching in New Mexico

We show you how to download and install Microsoft Power BI, which is free to do so. You will need a Windows based machine.

This is the birding analysis file that runs inside of Power BI that we used throughout the course. We explain how to start Power BI and load this file.

In this lecture we show you how to use all the raw data contained in the CSV files available as resources in this section

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