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An introduction to the positions of brazilian jiu-jitsu


This is a overview of the complete course. It will provide you with information about the positional hierarchy in brazilian jiu-jitsu. 

The closed guard is what most people see as a guard position before starting brazilian jiu-jitsu, since its very unique to our sport. In this guard the legs are closed behind the back of the opponent, ...

The open guard is normally used for setting up sweeps and submissions from bottom position. The legs can be used to move the opponent, and to create leverage which gives opportunity . The open guard a ...

The half guard is the position that is in between a full guard and side control or full mount. The practitioner on top will try to untangle the leg and get to side control or mount, while the bottom p ...

Side control is a dominant ground grappling position where the top practitioner is lying cross body bottom practitioner in such a way that the legs are free. The top practitioner is referred to as hav ...

The mount is one of the two most dominant ground positions you can get to. This is a strong position for the top pracititoner in several ways. The top practitioner can used gravitiy to apply pressure ...

Back control is the dominant grappling position where the practitioner is on his opponent's back in such a way that he has control of his opponent. Many consider back control to be a very dominan ...

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