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If you want to have a successful garden, it all starts with the soil!


Although soil is the very foundation for which all plant life grows, how much do we really know about it? In this module we will take you through all the factors that will make your soil the healthies ...

Did you know that the way soil converts energy from the sun, it acts just like one big solar panel? We'll go a little more in depth on how your plants will look when this energy flow is optimized ...

When I was learning about what it took to make healthy soil, I came across one particular analogy that really helped summarize the whole process for me.  Making healthy soil is like baking a cake.  ...

I'm taking you back to where it all started for me.  The first community garden I took part in helped me learn so much of what to do right along with what not to do.  Learning from all the peop ...

Since I was a young child, gardening has provided me with so much more than just a hobby.  At every point in my life, it has been there for me and allowed me to gain perspective in unexpected ways.  ...

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