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Learn secret tricks on how to save up to 90% on your plane tickets.


I proudly present Cheap Tickets Challenge that I have prepared for you. Rules are very simple - minimum first 5 people who will complete this course each month can send to me a starting place and de ...

If you want to buy cheap plane tickets it’s crucial that both timings of flight booking and the actual flight are right. When you choose the time for you flight you should avoid three periods when ...

When we buy our plane ticket and we want to make it cheap we should also pay good attention to where we our buying it. In airfare industry we have several players and each of them can offer us differ ...

Promotions are the most popular way of buying cheap plane tickets. Promotions are done to raise awareness of new connections or increase seat occupation on less popular connections Promotions disappe ...

We can distinguish 3 main travel classes while travelling by plane: economybusinessfirst class Those main classes can have different subclasses offering different features or restricting them. If ...

Frequent flyer programmes are loyalty programmes offered by airlines. When we travel a lot we can earn points or miles that afterwards are exchangeable for extra features, free flights or gadgets offe ...

Human and system mistakes are most frequent cause of best deals. It happens because all prices everyday have to be manually inputted into one big system that is gathering information from airlines and ...

In the web you can find many urban legends about how conducting certain activities can increase your price tickets. In this lesson I test them and bust them so you wouldn’t have to think about them ...

When we search a lot for good occasions to buy cheap tickets it is worth to make our arsenal of payment methods bigger in order to avoid any horrendous surcharges quite frequently imposed by online tr ...

When you travell a lot from time to time you can enxounter events that can spoil all the fun. Sometimes flight will be delayed or cancelled and the other day your lugagge may be damaged or lost. It’ ...

Short tutorial on how to virtually change your location so airline's website wouldn't be able to spot where are you from. This gives you advantage especially when you live in a country with ...

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