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Insights from international cooperation professionals on how to get a Job in International Organisations


The exact definition of what an International Organisations is and shareholding structure.

This video introduces the key characteristics of an international organisations (IO) and discusses the key concept of mandate. It suggests a classification to be used for the purpose of this course an ...

Insights on benefits linked to working in an international organisations both in terms of exposure and package.

This video introduces the various lectures of the section

How to read an internship advert and what skills to focus on.

Junior Professional Programmes are designed to select the future management of IOs. These come with a lot of specific benefits. This video will help you understand and build a strategy to access one o ...

Learn about countries sponsoring junior professionals for a couple of years. This is an easy way to get in an international organisation if your country has such a programme.

International Organisations offer thousands of consulting opportunities every year. It is a great way to start a career and build contacts.

This video focuses on full time jobs and particularly the most accessible ones for applicants with technical skills.

In this video we look together at the summary of the key skills one should work on in preparation of your application in order to maximise your chances.

Please see the file attached for links where you will find hundreds of jobs opportunities.

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