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Read Your Akashic Records & Access The Akashic Archive, Your Book Of The Soul To Unlock Your True Spiritual Journey


We have an overview of what this wonderful course will entail and the amazing benefits you will see x

There are many ideas as to where the location of these powerful records lie, this lecture will help you truly understand

There are many ways people teach in terms of access, we will go over these but I will talk about the amazing way I have accessed these records for many years x

The importance of our records on our lives is obvious, but we want to understand the past, present and future to allow us to truly grow.

This is where the magic happens and in this section we will again understand the depth of this spiritual location x

This is your life, this is where the details of your past, present and future are scripted we get a much deeper understanding as we unpack this wonderful mystery x

Understanding your past, living your present and planning your future are all available to you when we truly connect in with the records x

The is the part you have been waiting for here is the guided meditation for you to access your very own spiritual records x PLEASE NOTE THE MEDITATION SCRIPT I

I have been guided to put together this meditation from my guides it was channelled to me and its a wonderful healing meditation. Enjoy this powerful meditation x

What did you experience, what did you feel, what did you see. We will discuss these findings x

This is a great way to offer yourself as a service and as we practice and master this art we can then reach out and help others x

When we are working with such important and confidential files we need to be very mindful of the content and how we help others

I teach you the amazing practical exercises you can do to truly unlock your inner potential within the Akashic Realm

We take a look back over this amazing course and reaffirm the salient points x

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