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Towards Quality Parenting


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Computer science Udemy

Learn Express 24.99 €

Master Express - the fast and lightweight Node framework for building backend servers

Computer science Udemy

4x Salesforce Professional Process Automation Tests - 2022 19.99 €

120 Questions / Accredited Professional Process Automation Tests by a 18x Salesforce Certified Application Architect '22

Computer science Udemy

Foundational Statistics for Data Science 39.99 €

Lay the Foundation: Insights & Corporate Roles, Discrete & Continuous random variables, Descriptive Stats & Percentile!

Business Udemy

Employee Engagement Training for Managers 19.99 €

Learn how you can improve employee engagement on your teams, to improve performance and increase positive outcomes.

Music Udemy

The 3 key Elements of Perfect Guitar Picking 39.99 €

Full course on mastering Alternate picking and developing a flawless technique.

Business Udemy

Knowledge sharing: Annual investment planning - how to do it 84.99 €

Everything about ways how to run annual planning, how to communicate, how to prioritise and other tips & tricks

Computer science Udemy

CAMS Certification Practice Exam 24.99 €

Prepare and Pass CAMS Exam on the first attempt

Computer science Udemy

Build Apps without Code using Bubble: Complete Guide 119.99 €

Learn how to build software from scratch using the Nocode Builder Bubble!

Design Udemy

UI UX Design & Prototyping using Adobe XD 94.99 €

Learn Adobe XD for UI/UX Design, User Interface, User Experience Design & Adobe XD Prototyping.

Photography Udemy

Youtube & Instagram Video Production + Editing Bootcamp 2021 19.99 €

Youtube & Instagram Video Production - Learn How To Film, Improve Editing, Color Correction, Find Great Music & Promote

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