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Learn everything you need to know to beat strong chess players


This lesson introduces basic chess notation and names of different aspects of the board that are necessary to build a sound fundamental basis of the game. This fundamental base will be built upon i ...

This lesson covers special moves such as castling, capturing "en passant", and pawn promotion. In addition to explaining how these moves work, we go into some detail about specific situations and wa ...

Tactics are the bedrock of chess. In this lesson, we have an overview of some of the main tactical weapons in our chess arsenal.

As you improve as a chess player you will need to build your opening repertoire. In this lesson we look at some of the most important openings that need to be learned as we start on our journey to b ...

Pins are a powerful tactical weapon, which if used correctly can lead to gain of material or a breakthrough in the position. In this lesson we look at various examples of this important tactic being ...

The fork or double attack is a very dangerous tactical weapon in large part due to the fact that it can be easily missed and multiple pieces can be targeted at the same time. In this lesson we explo ...

The skewer is another powerful tactical weapon in chess. In this lesson we look at how to best utilize this tool against our opponent.

The discovered attack is possibly the most powerful tactic in chess if used well. Due to the deceptive nature of this weapon, opponents can be caught unawares and lose large amounts of material with ...

In this lesson we go into some detail exploring some essential opening positions and motifs. With a strong basic opening repertoire, a chess player starts out with a potential advantage in every gam ...

In this lesson we explore the important differences between open and closed positions with special emphasis being paid to which of these types of positions may fit our particular personality and pla ...

Everyone loves a great attack on the king! In this lesson we will look at some very important common attacking themes so that we can immediately begin to utilize and recognize them in our games.

When to trade pieces may be one of the least understood aspects of chess. In this lesson we cover some important considerations to make when evaluating a potential trade and learn some rules of thum ...

Psychology plays a huge role in any game of chess. In this lesson we will explore some key ideas that will help you win more games while enjoying the game more and more as you continue to improve as ...

Perhaps less exciting than a good attack on the opponent's king, defense is equally important when it comes to winning in chess. In this lesson we look at various situations in which key defens ...

The end game is perhaps the most complex aspect of chess and takes a great deal of study to understand fully. In this lesson we look at some of the key ideas when entering an endgame and learn some ...

Chess is a beautiful game that provides joy to millions of people throughout the globe. In this lecture we will explore some fun chess anecdotes, quotes, and amazing chess positions.

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