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Color gel and gel polish micro painting


For painting these designs you will need:brushes: 00 thin brush, Art paint brush or No.2 round brush, 00 cat tongue brush, one stroke 0 brushvery pigmented painting gels or gel polishes: white, black, ...

I this lecture you will learn more about pigments, colors, different types of painting mediums.You will also learn how to mix the colors, and how to associate them to get beautiful combinations.

In this lecture you will learn how to prepare your nail tips. Pay attention that for these designs i used oval shaped tips .

In this lecture you will learn how to paint a composition with Christmas wreath and bow.

In this lecture you will learn how to paint a composition with Christmas bells, baubles, and holly leaves and berries.

In this lecture you will learn how to paint a fluffy Teddy Bear.

In this lecture you will learn how to paint a composition with twigs wreath, poinsettia, and mistletoes.

In this lecture you will learn how to paint snowmen lovers under an umbrella.

In this lecture you will learn how to paint a lovely cartoon character, with a gift box.

In this lecture you will learn how to paint Santa Claus.

In this lecture i will show you how to paint a simple Christmas tree

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