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Teaches you all the basics flying lessons.


The Chipmonk has a petrol engine air cooled engine with a fixed pitch propeller.

Unlike a car that has only 1 ignition system an aircraft has 2.

To turn on the ignition we need to first turn on the battery then both ignition systems.

We don't just jump in and go we do what is called pre flight checks and a walk around.

Starting the aircraft is not always as easy as turning the key in your car.

Pitch, yaw and roll are the 3 axis of control.

If the aircraft flies too slow 1 wing will stop flying and you will go into a spin.

The worst and most dangerous time for an engine to fail.

RAF Woodvale was opened in 1941 as a night fighter station for the defence of Liverpool and the docks there after the Liverpool blitz in May.The station was used as a rest area for fighter squadrons a ...

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