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How to mix colors with acrylic paints plus full tutorial, 'Tree of Many Colors' with Skye


In this section, students will learn a little bit about the teacher, what to expect in the course, get a breakdown of what materials will be required, and learn how to get set up to paint with acrylic ...

In this lecture, students will be introduced to the color wheel, the basis of color theory for artists. They will learn the main hues, and how artists use the color wheel to select pleasing color sche ...

In this lecture, students will be introduced to new painting vocabulary: tints, tones, and shades.

Students will add the primary colors to their color wheels.

Students will add the secondary colors to their color wheels.

Students will add the tertiary colors to their color wheels.

Unveiling the finished color wheel.

Students will set up their color charts and label the different areas.

Students will add the main hues to their color chart.

Students will create tints, tones, and shades with warm colors.

Students will create tints, tones, and shades with cool colors.

Unveiling the finished color chart.

Students will get set up to paint their first painting, the "Tree of Many Colors," and they will learn what colors to prep on their palate or palate paper for the background step.

Students will create the top half of the background of their painting.

Students will create the bottom-half of their backgrounds.

After their backgrounds have dried, students will learn how to mix brown and then create the main shape of their tree.

Students will create tints and tones of brown shades and add them to their trees.

Students will create shadows on their tree with a dark shade of brownish-black.

After their branches and trunk have dried, students will begin to add vibrant colors to their treetops.

Students will add more colors to their treetops and put the finishing highlights on their paintings.

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