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Chess strategy: Chess grandmaster demystifies chess strategy in a clear implementable way that you can use in your chess


I would like to give you a few recommendations, which will make your study of the video lessons more effective.

This lesson discovers the biggest mistakes and biggest problems which most chess players make. It is very important to realize them early so that you won’t continue making them during your chess dev ...

It is much more important to improve one’s thinking process rather than get new pointless knowledge all the time. Improving of your thinking system allows you to find the best move in any position. ...

In this lesson we will keep analysing the game looking how to play the middle game and endgame. At the end of the last lesson we had just finished creating a middlegame plan, now we will see it in act ...

In this lesson you will learn how to calculate variations properly and understand how basics strategic ideas will work in hard complex positions as well. Even in a complecated position you can find ri ...

In this lesson, you will get more practice at calculating variations. We will keep analysing the last game and this will allow us to train our system of thinking in many different positions.

All chess players learn chess, but some players play much better than others. What does this mean? It means that many players’ learning is ineffective. In this lesson I will tell you the secrets of ...

In this lesson, we will discuss preparation for the next round in a tournament when the next opponent is known. During this lesson, I will tell you the grandmaster’s secrets of preparation. Using t ...

All chess players learn chess, but some players play much better than others. What does this mean? It means that many players’ learning is ineffective. In this lesson I will tell you the secrets of ...

You should deeply understand the reason of EVERY move given in these practical task for a winner side (from the first move till the last)

Before downloading these tasks from resource section, please read the instructions provided in this article.

This time you should comment the games of the second task (by an example of the first task) by yourself.

In this task you should try to guess the moves of a winner (starting from the 5th move in every game).

In this practical task, you should first try to guess the moves, and then to explain the reason of every move of a winner on the basis of principles from the video course.

Learn these games and realize the right way of thinking during the calculation.

In this task, you should find the best move in a given position and calculate the provided lines, using the right system of thinking.

Similiar to the previous task, you should find the best move and calculate the provided lines (using the right system of thinking) in the given position.

In task 8, you should visualize the variations, but should NOT move the pieces on the board while calculating the lines.

You have learned a lot of ideas about the right system of thinking from the course. Now it is time to systematize your knowledge. This task will help you to do it.

In this part, you will practice the below tasks: 1. Think about the general principles 2. Calculate the variations

Analyze these games deeply and find the mistakes.

The 11th task is a long term plan for your improvement.

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