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Internet Udemy

How to Consistently Generate Content for Your Business 49.99 €

Learn how to consistently create quality content for your business by being authentically you. No stress! No overwhelm!

How to Udemy

Using Kanban to Handle 100+ Complex Learning/Doing Projects 84.99 €

From learning to code in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React to doing a 100 major projects in your Home, Business or Life.

Design Udemy

Charcoal Drawing- Learn to Draw with Charcoal 84.99 €

Learn How to Draw Realistic Cat and Shoe with Conte and Charcoal Pencil. Pencil Drawing is a Cool Art

Business Udemy

Relevant Costs - Managerial Accounting Decisions & Scenarios 84.99 €

Common managerial accounting decisions analyzed using relevant cost methods that can apply to all large decisions

Spare time Udemy

Cooking Class: Vietnamese Food, Chicken Pho Noodle (Phở Gà) 74.99 €

Learn 7 easy steps to cook a super delicious, healthy and traditional bowl of Chicken Pho like a Vietnamese chef.

How to Udemy

Foundational Hypnotherapy For Birthing Diploma 84.99 €

Fully Accredited Diploma Course - Foundation tools for assisting clients for an easy birth using Hypnosis!

Business Udemy

CFA Corporate Finance Level 1 (Part 1) 64.99 €

Learn Capital Budgeting, Cost of Capital and Measures of Leverage in this part course meant for CFA

Computer science Udemy

Data Visualization with Numpy and Pandas 84.99 €

Learn how to get you up and running with data analysis and visualization using NumPy and Pandas

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