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Easy, Healthy, Fast Cooking for busy lifestyles. NO-recipe, NO-measuring technique!


You’ll understand how I adapted what I learned from my mom to a modern kitchen and for busy lifestyles. I’ve simplified the cooking process and ingredients while retaining authentic flavors.  Coo ...

You’ll feel empowered and liberated when you don’t have to measure or depend on recipes. Here’s what Wok Star Marilyn said, “The road map was the best thing ever invented! I was always strug ...

I use the analogy to music to describe What a Wok Star is! You’ll understand the difference between using recipes and my NO recipe, NO measuring technique. 

You'll learn time saving tips, the best knife for chopping and Asian cutting techniques that look pretty and help vegetables cook faster. Apply these cuts to other vegetables.

Once you know your 4 basic seasonings for marinading and making sauce, you can create TONS of variations. I'll show you how to "Squirt, Squeeze, Shake" eliminating measuring. I'll also sh ...

You'll resonate because I deal with some of the most common complaints when doing wok cooking, "why are my veggies so soupy?" and "I hate cooking with my electric stove!" If you've experien ...

You'll want to immediately run and make this popular appetizer. It's yummy, colorful and full of textures and flavors. It's great as an appetizer at dinner parties, tailgate parties, w ...

You'll love this simple stir fry with only 2 seasonings! You can sub with whatever veggies you like or add tofu and make it vegetarian or vegan.  I show how fast and easy it is. You can make ...

You’ll learn how to put a one-dish meal together and why it’s not a good idea to put too many veggies in one dish. I also demonstrate the importance of colors and textures in a dish. I’ve inclu ...

You only need just 4 seasonings for marinading your protein whether it's poultry, meat, seafood and even tofu! No, it won't taste the same. My Hispanic and Latino Wok Stars LOVE marinadin ...

You’ll learn this very simple way for making a basic sauce, then you’ll be able to make loads of your own variations.  

You’ll learn: the 3 step stir fry process for vegetables why you always fry vegetables first vs meat and  how to “steam fry” hard stemmed vegetables  taste veggies for doneness and not be t ...

You’ll learn: same 3 step stir fry process as veg with different technique for meat why you fry in one single layer  why the oil dispenser works well importance of not overloading your wok  I ...

You’ll learn:how versatile a wok is when I use it to poach fish with a lot of liquid. The wide opening and depth of the wok is the perfect vessel for poaching. why it’s NOT a good idea to do this ...

I can't wait for you to be a Wok Star!Now you’ve seen me using the right wok…my lightweight, cast iron wok the right heat…12,000 BTU gas stove in action the right technique…my easy, NO ...

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