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Classic chicken recipes demonstrated with cooking techniques to make the best chicken.


Originally posted on YouTube.com/c/CookingCompanionTV

YES - very different from being boiled!! Originally posted on YouTube.com/c/CookingCompanionTV

Thai flavors with shiitake mushrooms and chunks of chicken simmered in lemongrass and coconut milk. 

Chicken breasts rolled with dijon mustard, ham, and swiss cheese. Then breaded, fried, and baked. 

A beautiful presentation for a big occasion (or just to have meat for the week). 

A family dish from the French side.Originally posted on cookingcompaniontv.com/roastchicken

Originally posted on YouTube.com/c/CookingCompanionTV

Not your typical buffalo wing - it's better. 

Originally posted on YouTube.com/c/CookingCompanionTV

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