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Learn and cook delicious Korean foods with this GROWING LIBRARY of delicious recipes! 30+ videos & more added regularly


My Korean mother Janet shows us how to make Korean style curry rice. It is one the most easiest Korean dishes you can make with Ottogi curry powder. Korean curry is very hearty, savory and slightly sw ...

Janet shows us how to make a very common Korean soup called Muguk (Soegogi Muguk: 쇠고기무국) - Beef and radish soup. Muguk is a commonly served soup in most households in Korea, it is also perso ...

In this video my Korean mama Janet shows us how to make anchovies (myeolchi) with Korean peppers (kwari gochu, aka. shishito peppers). This side dish or banchan in Korean is a dish I grew up loving. I ...

Spet 22 20 - Mom shows us how she makes her braised lotus root side dish! 

In this video I will show you how to make the quickest bibimbap there is online without compromising on the flavor. The problem with bibimbap is that they all look so darn pretty on the internet and a ...

In this video I will show you how to make a simple gochujang mayo. Gochujang mayonnaise is a great substitute from your plain old mayo as it has a nice savory/nutty flavor and light kick from the red ...

Learn how to make a Korean seafood pancake and dipping sauce

In this video I show you how to make a simple yet delicious spicy noodle dish called Bibimmyeon. This dish is great for hot days as its served cold, and in my case..with ice cubes haha. Hope you enjoy ...

Learn how to cut thin slices of beef and make your very own bulgogi with this delicious recipe!

Have you made kimchi using my recipe yet? If so you can make this super tasty kimchi hotpot easily!

Many Korean soups and stews are enhanced with a simple yet very useful anchovy stock (dashi). This lecture shows you how to make it!Also There is a community message at the start of this lecture. Enjo ...

I got these bison medallions for free from a company called NorthForkBison and thought I would help them by making a short Korean kalbi marinade for them. This is a very versatile marinade and I als ...

Simple, quick and so delicious you'll be licking your plates! Sorry its been awhile as I just returned from a vacation! Enjoy - oh and try checking out my YouTube channe l :) 

If you liked this video check out my youtube channel as well :) Johnny Row Cooks

In this video I share my Korean BBQ style Steak Marinade recipe. A delicious savory marinade with nice tones of garlic, ginger and soy flavors - It's an umami bomb - Hope you love it!

Deluxe, not so deluxe. Made instant Korean spicy ramen using some leftover food I had that needed to be used up while having a little fun playing with the video. Ingredients: Nongshim instant spicy ra ...

Just casually cooking at home and doing a live stream on our Korean Cooking - Facebook group! Enjoy PART1

Learn how to make this simple and tasty egg side dish. Yum!

This might just be the easiest Korean Banchan (side dish) you can make.

Easy and healthy bean sprout banchan (side dish recipe) 

One of my all time favorite side dishes. Quail eggs are often used, but this is a stripped down recipe with just the beef!

I’ve been working on my chicken wing game for couple of months now trying to find the best crisp without taking so long to prep. After tweaking a few recipes this is what I found to be a very simple ...

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