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Learn as you paint this watercolour one step at a time, gaining confidence as you mix colours & paint wet into wet.


Here I explain my motivation for selecting this subject and will talk about colours and painting style. RESOURCES 1 Photo of the whole building. 2 Detail of the roof.

Now the first very light washes are dry, let look at what we want to do next. Adding more colour of course and making any adjustments.

I always like to paint a bit on every part of a picture so that you can get a feel for the whole thing.In this lecture I decided to put a very weak blue wash in for the sky and do some work on the st ...

Here I start to add some detail, although I still want it to be a loose painting it will need some detail to make the most of the subject. I also decided to add a bit more colour in the form of flowe ...

In this lecture I start to show you how to take a fresh look at your work, looking for problems which may need solving, balance and even, dare I say, errors.

In this final lecture  I will explain what changes I have made and make a few adjustments.I hope you have enjoyed painting this charming picture and please do share your finished painting with me and ...

Some special resources and offers for you. Happy painting, Nicola

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