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Heal Energy Equations With Your Mother and Father to Grow and Prosper in Life


Our relationship with our parents is very important because the basic structure of our body which is made of the DNA, we get from our parents and is connected with them.

In meditation rather than trying to change the circumstances around us which are usually not in our control, we bring a change within ourselves to change our perception of the circumstances so we can ...

By resolving issues that we have with our soul group we release the emotional toxins from our inner consciousness and as a result we can focus our energies on progress and growth.

Meditation instructions on healing the energy equation with our parents and how it we help us as well as bring a change in the circumstances as we begin to bring a change at the level of energy rather ...

Awakening the cosmic guide or the guru element within us makes us more receptive to cosmic energies that can enhance our life experience.

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