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Create low sodium meals and treats using cheddar cheese. Great appearance and taste for family and guests!


Meet JudyFind out why she is The Sodium AttackerGet ready for low sodium cheddar food

How nice it is to have cheese we can use freelyAt 24 mg per ounce, we can really enjoy itWonderful flavor to add to casserolesWe just slice and munch it

Great cheese crispsRecipe for Egg roll ups Strawberry Shortcake - 26 mg sodium

There is low sodium sour cream we can use freely10 mg sodium for 2 tablespoonsPerfect as a garnish, in casseroles, and anywhere you use sour creamWe have to be label readers

Canned green chilies have way too much sodium for us to useOurs have NO SODIUMWonderful flavor to add to casseroles or dipsFreeze great - have them ready whenever you want themDOWNLOAD AVAILABLE:RECIP ...

So easy to make (one 6 ounce package has 12 tortillas)12 tortillas make 96 chips for only 30 mg sodiumPurchased tortilla chips have 105 to 200 mg per ounceThat's a HUGE difference - Low sodium fo ...

Make it as spicy as you want to - Pepper variations includedOnly 12 mg sodium per tablespoon using ordered cheeseUsing store bought cheddar - Just under 40 mg per tablespoonStore bought in a jar is 13 ...

Use on steamed broccoli, cauliflower, brusell sprouts, baked potatoes, eggs, etc.Less than 6 mg sodium per tablespoonEasy to make with only 4 ingredientsFreezes great to use laterDOWNLOAD AVAILABLE:RE ...

Use as appetizer, with soup, crunch some in a green saladSo prettyGuests will ask where you bought themCrunchy and sort of chewy at the same timeDOWNLOAD AVAILABLE:RECIPE FOR CHEDDAR CHIPS

Less than 1 mg sodium eachBatch makes 53 for a total of 50 mg sodiumAppetizer, snack, with soup, croutons on green salad, or crumble on top of casserolesSo very goodEasy to prepareDOWNLOAD AVAILABLE:R ...

55 fake cheez-its only have 48 mg sodium - .88 mg eachStore bought cheez-it have 8.52 each - Large differencePerfect appetizer or snackFun to makeFamily & friends will love themDOWNLOAD AVAILABLE:RECI ...

Less than 2 mg sodium - 2 inch cookiesServe with entree as replacement for bread Snack, Appetizer, great with salad or soupFreeze for later useQuite tasty - Not Sweet - Husband loves 2 or 3 with break ...

6 very large servings 125 mg sodium eachEasy to put togetherFreezes great - I have two meals frozen for us Cheese tastes so good in this casseroleDOWNLOAD AVAILABLE:RECIPE FOR CHEDDAR, MEAT, & MACARON ...

Only 10 mg sodium for each biscuitFlakeyEasy to prepareWe love them with many entreesDOWNLOAD AVAILABLE:RECIPE FOR GARLIC CHEDDAR BISCUITS

Recipe has 10 items (with their sodium count) to choose fromVery attractiveFull of flavorLess than 28 mg per cupGoes well with many mealsDOWNLOAD AVAILABLERECIPE FOR BROCOLLI SALAD

So easy to prepareGreat eye appealA meal your family will love with less than 92 mg sodium per servingPut it together in the morning & bake when readyYou won't miss the sodium - Very tastyDOWNLOA ...

One cup using ordered cheese has less than 21 mg sodiumOne cup using store cheese has 75mg sodium - It is still low enough for usTaste wonderfulHas a lot of color & textureGoes well with many entreesD ...

Thick wonderful flavor in this soupWith ordered cheese 62 mg per cupStore bought cheese less than 99 mg per cupEasy to makeFreezes for a quick meal laterDefinitely not blandDOWNLOAD AVAILABLE:RECIPE F ...

These go with any mealPretty to look atUse russets & add red or purple for color if you wishOutstanding NOT BLAND flavor26 mg sodium per cupLeftovers heat up greatDOWNLOAD AVAILABLE:RECIPE FOR CHEDDA ...

Recipe also shows how to make potato, mushroom, chicken & other cream soupsMake the base to have it ready at all timesOnly 140 mg sodium for over 2 cups - canned has 180 per cup and has NO CHEESEVery ...

Very easy to prepareLooks beautifulGreat flavor - Not at all blandUses 12 white corn tortillasA sodium attacker favoriteLess than 84 mg sodium per servingDOWNLOAD AVAILABLE:RECIPE FOR EASY CHICKEN ENC ...

This course provides low sodium recipes using cheddar cheeseSee you in Judy's next low sodium cooking course

Thank you for watching this courseI would appreciate you thoughts on its contents and presentationThere are 10 more Low Sodium Cooking courses & more coming soonPlease visit my YouTube channel - The S ...

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