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A comprehensive, step-by-step course & inspiration to jumpstart your paper quilling creative crafting journey.


Through showing pictures from my creations this lecture offers you inspiration about the application of the quilling technique. You will see that this is a very useful technique when it comes to deco ...

This lecture is about the tools you need, including recommendations which tools and why to choose.

The lecture first shows and teaches the general process of quilling and then focuses on the stages such as rolling up, shaping and gluing step by step.

In this tutorial we practice the rolling up process and learn the 1st row of the Quilling Shapes.

In this tutorial we learn the shapes of the 2nd row of the Quilling Shapes.

In this tutorial we learn the shapes of the 3rd row of the Quilling Shapes.

In this video we learn how to attach the ready shapes to surfaces.

Bonus lecture on creating a word together, love.

This is a complete project creating a quilling flower together from the beginning.

We learn how to frame the ready art pieces so that you can hang them and gift them.

Thank you and see you soon!

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