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Sharpen your skills with basic cooking techniques and using new spices to broaden your flavors!


Welcome to my kitchen! I am glad to share my resources and experience that I have gained over the years working in restaurants all over the San Francisco Bay Area including The French Laundry. I have ...

Here is an introduction to basic equipment that can purchased online or from a local restaurant supply store. These basic tools can make your life easier in the kitchen. Next, these wonderful spices c ...

Slicing an onion has never been easier! Simple steps to help you cook faster and more efficient!

When you are blanching green beens or broccoli or whatever it is, its very important to keep in mind of the temperature of the water and what your plan is after you blanch. For instance, when I blanch ...

Making sauces can definitely add some wonderful flavors to some of your recipes with proteins. A-3 sauce is super easy! To really add some more flavor and texture, purchase a Demi-glace packet, mix yo ...

Cherries and Figs can really make a sauce stand out with the right ingredients. This recipe is simple and to the point. However, feel free to experiment with other vinegars or spices to heighten your ...

Romesco is a very versatile sauce that can be used on chicken, beef, fish and vegetables. Don't forget to cover the peppers after you have cooked them. You will need to peel the outer skin of the ...

This recipe is so easy and delicious! Its not a healthy approach but if you are looking for that restaurant flavor, here it is! I have used this recipe with my short ribs and steaks. Hope you enjoy th ...

When you have some time to cook a cauliflower like this, it is truly amazing! Keep that Tahini by your side because its always a delicious condiment to dip that cauliflower in.

Great dish to get your kiddos to enjoy Brussel sprouts! Be careful when you are cooking, especially towards the end because the sugar will continue to cook the bacon once you take it off the stove. Al ...

These peppers are a great side to anything! Throw them in the corn to spice it up!

Cooking salmon is easy and healthy. There are several different methods to cooking such as poaching and oven roasting on a plank. Try adding some maple syrup to a wooden plank, very tasty!

Short Ribs are great, especially if you have time to cook them. If haven't tried Sous Vide ribs, you are missing out! Basting a steak adds a ton of flavor. Make sure you have everything ready to ...

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