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Unlock the power of your mind, transform your life, and further your spiritual personal development (NLP | CBT)


You can connect with me by shooing me a message on Udemy or by reaching out on Instagram @sbriggy

Are you searching for MORE? Do you want to get more happiness, freedom, enjoyment out of life? In this video, I share a simple way to unlock the power of your mind in a few simple steps. We will be go ...

Thought reform or brainwashing isn't discussed very much in our culture, but we all experience it in different forms. Sometimes, it's positive, like when you adopt beliefs that help you succ ...

In this video, I share some of my learnings and observations about how the mind works when it comes to your thoughts, and how your thoughts can affect your reality.

Do you find that you’re experiencing suffering in your life?Buddha taught that the cause of suffering is desire. Attachment. That to live means to suffer. In this video, I share a bit of a different ...

To increase your conscious awareness, you must become accustomed to your inner voice. The dialogue that is constantly running through your mind narrating the world around you. Sometimes that voice is ...

Do you struggle with finding a balance between achievement and spirituality? Here is a candid look into some of my own struggles.

Who do you want to become? With this video, I share some of my own experiences growing up and how my limiting beliefs have hampered my growth.

I'm referring to "emotional trauma" as any negative experience that continues to trigger you or cause negativity in your life to this day. I hope you enjoy some of these techniques. This lesson i ...

I'm referring to "emotional trauma" as any negative experience that continues to trigger you or cause negativity in your life to this day. I hope you enjoy some of these techniques. This lesson i ...

Throughout your life, you will have emotional flare ups that are rooted in the trauma we've discussed in other videos. Rather than feeling guilty, I'll share a realistic perspective in this ...

Logical justifications can keep us from changing a harmful behavior. In this video, I reveal why we make those justifications (and how to identify them).

Do you keep getting triggered? Emotional triggers are based in our subconscious mind. Our present day reactions are often times emotional responses to previous events in our life. In this video, I sha ...

Here's a way to figure out WHY you keep engaging in bad habits. It's hard to figure out our own behavior. This simple technique will reveal why you behave the way you do.

If you want to change your state and feel differently in a matter of minutes, or in some cases, seconds, this video is a must-watch. I'll run through a few easy ways to shift your state, along wi ...

Your habits will control your life. In this lesson, you'll discover how to identify and change the habits which guide your behavior.

Coping strategies are used by EVERYONE to deal with negative emotions. Some coping techniques are healthy. Others are harmful. This video will help give you more insight into how your mind copes with ...

Affirmations are a powerful way to change your identity, self-concept, and re-work negative mindsets. Here is my approach to affirmations (and how you can incorporate them into your life).

Incorporating mindfulness into your life will help to decrease your anxiety, alleviate suffering, and bring more focus to the present moment.

Creativity is the opposite of competition. It's a powerful source of power that can awaken your brain to new states that you didn't know existed.

Satsang is a sharing of knowledge between a master and a disciple. It can take the form of Q&A, or be a spiritual discussion.

Changing up your environment will quickly grow your awareness. Here's a few of my insights from traveling.

Your education can empower you or hold you back. Make sure that you look into a few of these recommended resources: The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom (A Toltec Wisdom Book)Th ...

It's important to track your progress over time. The only way this can be done effectively is through auditing. In this video, I'll share how to conduct audits over a 7 day trial period to g ...

Once you've gone through the auditing process, it's time to apply some of your findings to your life.

I have a simple way to help boost self-awareness and cure brain fog. This has worked well for me. It's helped me identify negative thoughts and emotions. I've then been able to direct my foc ...

Do you want to understand your emotions? Do you want to make friends, or get a date? I'm going to talk about the basics of emotional intelligence and how you can master the subject.

These cognitive distortions can hold you back from seeing reality clearly. By being aware of how your mind twists reality, you can get back to the root of who you are.

Society can control you or empower you. The next few lessons will share how you can implement some of the previous teachings into your every day life.

Do you want to be happier in life? What about happy with YOURSELF? I share some vulnerable things in this video when it comes to my own sense of happiness, wellness, and completion. It's been a h ...

Do you feel like you're still a boy? Do you struggle with masculinity? You're in the right place. I'm going to share with you how to be a man, improve your masculinity, and stop being a ...

Shyness and social anxiety keep us back from achieving happiness in life. So many of us yearn for connection but we also struggle with issues related to self-esteem. This is my journey in overcoming m ...

Do you want to be more outgoing? I used to be really shy, introverted, and quiet. But, I was able to change! I'll show you how to be more confident, friendly, and approachable. This video will sh ...

Do you want to be more masculine and confident? I'll shine a light on this rarely discussed topic.

You need to recognize that the mental model for success is VERY different than the model that will bring you happiness.

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